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Strategic Cyber Defense Advisory

Our service offering entails a consultant led service, approaching cyber defense from a holistic view. We support clients in their endeavor to cater today’s cyber threats and be compliant against legal and regulatory requirements.

Cyber Defense Center

Stay compliant and in control with Security & Compliance Monitoring based on user behavior analytics. Our specialists keep our customer’s network in the eye, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CYBENSE provides a safe and centralized processing and storage of log data within our local based datacenter in Jordan, KSA, and UAE. Deviations on compliance reported with advisory based recommendations. This enables our customers to protect their IT infrastructure against today’s threats. standards applicable will Capability driven testing

Continuous Malware Defense

We help our customers to timely detect, validate, and prevent malware infections in their IT landscape. With team of highly skilled cyber defense experts and specialized portfolio of malware threat defense technology, we offer a managed service model that takes care of the security challenges of our customers.

Capability Driven Testing

With our capability driven testing service we focus on addressing weaknesses within customers’ IT landscape. The quality of our services is supported by demonstrable capabilities with effective and proven security assessment methodologies that are tailored for each environment type. CYBENSE support its customers in validating their security posture with effective penetration test and vulnerability management assessments.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

CYBENSE is a cyber threat intelligence firm that delivers actionable intelligence products and services to leading enterprises in business and government. With a global network of security analysts and geographic research and analysis centers in UAE and The Netherlands, CYBENSE is uniquely positioned to monitor and mine the cyber threat ecosystem and deliver proprietary intelligence products and services specific to the threats customers face.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

We deliver advanced incident response and malware forensic services to detect and respond against sophisticated adversaries. We are highly active in our research and analysis center, and focused on gathering relevant malware threat intelligence for our customers. 

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